Transparency creates trust!

STENUM is appealing

From the moment you arrive in STENUM, you are in good hands. During the admission process, our employees take their time with each patient, so that a feeling of familiarity can be created, despite the new surroundings and the unfamiliar situation. You’ve already been a patient in STENUM? In that case, your data has already been stored with the help of the IT-based caring system ENP® and merely has to be updated.

Routine procedures in the lab, ECG and x-rays are thoroughly explained by our nursing staff. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear to you. Our aim is to make you feel safe at all times and create a pleasant atmosphere for you here in STENUM.

If a surgical intervention is planned, you will of course be informed by an orthopaedic and an anaesthesiologist about the surgery and the anaesthesia. Personal, competent, individual.