Maximum safety – minimal risk!

STENUM is gentle

STENUM’s anaesthesia concept is highly professional and safe. :

  • All anaesthesia is administered by specialists.
  • Whenever possible and appropriate, local anaesthesia is preferred.
  • During general anaesthesia, depth of anaesthesia is measured by monitoring the patient’s brain activity, which increases patient safety.
  • The generous use of the Cellsaver technique enables us to avoid blood transfusions during the majority of our surgeries.

Remarkable! 80 – 90 % of all hip and knee surgeries, and even spinal surgeries, are done under local anaesthesia in STENUM, in order to ensure maximum patient safety. STENUM was one of the first hospitals in the world that implemented the use of a pain catheter after spinal surgeries. Successfully! Since then, several hospitals have followed our lead.