Transparency creates trust!

STENUM is attractive

With about 100 employees, STENUM is a rather small hospital, which is exactly why our staff strongly identifies with the company. The atmosphere is very considerate and friendly, yet the working environment is professional and structured.

A friendly demeanour is the main prerequisite for all applicants. In exchange, we offer thorough and personal care before, during and also after the application process.

As an employer, STENUM offers:

  • A salary structure that’s independent of tariffs
  • A sound pension scheme
  • Several opportunities for further education and courses
  • Work-Life-Balance (good working hours)
  • Family-friendly working and living environment (affordable rents, schools are nearby)
  • A personal atmosphere due to the modest size of the clinic
  • Possibilities to influence your working environment
  • Attractive leisure activities
  • Idyllic rural setting
  • International patients (strong learning opportunities)