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STENUM is traditional

The founding of our facility dates back to Hermine de Voss. At the end of the 19th century, the merchant’s daughter had her recreational estate as well as a Sunday school built on the premises of what is now the Special Clinic for Orthopaedics. Her sense of social and educational responsibility has earned her the title of „Angel of Stenum“.

After she died, the estate became a holiday centre for children in need of reconvalescence. Later, it became a sun healing centre. This set the course for a holistic approach to medical treatment in a rural setting. Nowadays, STENUM is a modern special clinic for orthopaedics, where patients with both, private and state health insurance are more than welcome.


STENUM becomes a sun healing centre for bone, joint and gland tuberculosis


The name “STENUM Hospital” is born


STENUM becomes a special clinic for orthopaedics


Dr. med. Hans-Georg Zechel takes over the position of medical director of the hospital


Lower Saxony invests 5.6 million Euros into building one of the most modern operating rooms in Europe.


Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Frank Hinrichs becomes the second medical director.


STENUM celebrates its 85th anniversary with a two-day symposium
and live-broadcast from the operating room.


STENUM is now STENUM Ortho GmbH. Dr. Ritter-Lang
takes over as the new medical director of the facility.


The departments spinal surgery, endoprosthetics
and conservative orthopaedics are overseen
by senior orthopaedics Dr. med. Jan Spiller and Dr. med. Harald Kuhn.