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- Special Clinic in the best of Health
For four and a half years, the special clinic Stenum has been managed by Stenum Ortho GmbH. Ever since then, it has consistently been going onwards and upwards.

STENUM - The hospital in Stenum is now back in the best of health: consistently positive end of year accounts, an increasing volume of patients, a stable number of employees and investments in the millions are indicators for the good condition of the special clinic for orthopedics. Four and a half years after Stenum Ortho GmbH took over the then-insolvent clinic, “we are very satisfied with the development”, said Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang, medical director and CEO of the GmbH, while presenting current figures on Thursday.

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- Change of Beds in Grand Style
Special clinic for orthopedics Stenum buys new beds and donates the old ones to a clinic in Belarus

Ganderkesee-Stenum. Patients at the special clinic for orthopedics in Stenum can from now on enjoy new beds and mattresses. “In the past, we usually renewed beds and mattresses one by one“, Head of Nursing Ingeburg Masukowitz explained. “Now we have decided to renew the entire inventory at once.“

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- Clinic Declares War on Germs
Hospital in Stenum takes hygiene seriously

The amount of infections by hospital germs is alarming. The clinic personal in Stenum has introduced a plethora of preventive measures.

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- At 90, Clinic is in the best of health
Hospital in Stenum celebrates its birthday - excellent reputation in the industry

Medical director Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang talked about „an old dear“, who always got back on her feet after being knocked-down. Mayor Alice Gerken-Klaas drew paralells to 90 year-old „Miss Sophie“, from the New Year’s Eve classic „Dinner for One“. And the Lower-Saxony original “Günther the tractor driver” aka Dieter Wischmeyer described the clinic rather more bluntly: “Best address for the mechanical restoration of the muscoloskeletal system.“

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