Transparency creates trust!

STENUM is competent


STENUM develops specialists, which is why each senior consultant is allocated to one of the senior orthopaedic specialists and is deeply involved in their respective speciality.

Characteristic feature:

As a physician in STENUM, you will have a much closer rapport with your patients than you would have in a large hospital. Our patients highly value this familiar atmosphere.

At the same time, you participate in surgeries in one of Germany’s most modern operating rooms. A panoramic window also lets you take in the unique sight of the Stenum forest.

Physicians in STENUM:

  •  Medical director
  • Senior orthopaedic surgeon, head of spinal surgery department
  • Senior orthopaedic surgeon, head of endoprosthetics/ foot surgery department
  • Senior consultant
  • Orthopaedic specialist
  • Physicians in training for orthopaedics and anaesthesia