Endoprosthetic center STENUM

As a certified endoprosthetic center, we are the right point of contact if you are considering an artificial joint or if you are looking for a second opinion. We are happy to advise you and will be actively supporting you, as it is our goal to make certain that you feel absolutely confident in your decision for a surgery and for us.

At the endoprosthetic center, we are able to offer endoprosthetics for the large joints, such as shoulder joint, hip joint and knee joint, made to measure and according to your individual needs. By using soft tissue-saving implantation techniques, the surgical result can be improved noticeably and physical stress resulting from the surgery can be decreased. Our highly specialized team of physicians, physical therapists as well as specially-trained nursing staff will look after you from the very first consultation, during the surgery as well as during your entire stay in our hospital.

Because of symptoms in your hip - or knee joint, you will receive an appointment in our clinic. First, there will be extensive diagnostics, which may then show the necessity of surgical treatment. The necessary treatments will be discussed thoroughly and prepared with your family doctor and the anesthesiologist.