STENUM Is Welcoming

If you come to us as a patient, we will make your stay in STENUM as pleasant as possible. Our friendly staff and the familiar atmosphere in the house ensure a pleasant stay – we will be happy to take care of you.

The Hospital Stay in STENUM Is Appealing

You are in good hands from the first minute in STENUM. Our staff takes enough time for each  patient so that a feeling of familiarity can be built up despite unaccustomed surroundings and situation.

The upcoming procedures (in the laboratory, ECG, X-ray) will be explained to you in detail by the patient admission department staff. Do not hesitate to ask if anything is unclear. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in STENUM at all times.

If a surgical procedure is carried out, our anesthesiologists and orthopedic surgeons will take plenty of time to answer all your questions in the presurgical consultation. We want to take away your concerns and fears as far as possible through this comprehensive consultation.

Friendly Welcoming to the Inpatient Stay

The Hospital Stay in STENUM Is Comfortable

Currently, STENUM houses two wards with a total of over 60 beds:

  • Single-bed, double-bed, and multi-bed rooms are available.
  • All inpatient bed spaces are equipped with a modern patient entertainment system. You have the possibility to use television, radio, telephone, magazines, and the Internet with a combined device at the bedside.

Discover the STENUM light concept: Thanks to large windows, every room is flooded with light and opens up a view of the idyllic Stenumer Holz.

State-of-the-Art Technology at the Clinic

The Hospital Stay in STENUM Is Service-Oriented

We consider our patients as guests. That is why we offer special services beyond the standard ones:

  • Comfortable overnight accommodations for visitors and relatives are located in the immediate neighborhood. Directly on the compound, you will find, for example, the traditional Hotel Backenköhler.
  • We offer you free parking spaces as well as free RV parking.
  • We value and preserve your individuality. We also consider culturally determined wishes (e.g., concerning meals or certain daily routines).

STENUM’S free additional service: the healing of North Germany’s nature.

Inpatient Stay in the Specialist Clinic

The Hospital Stay in STENUM Is Uncomplicated

Everything good for the patient reduces the healing process. Therefore, the last thing we do is to dictate when you may welcome your visitors.

However, out of consideration for fellow patients, we ask that the house is left around 9 PM because that is when the night’s rest begins.

Visitors During the Inpatient Stay

The Hospital Stay at STENUM Is Family-Friendly

The well-established Hotel Backenköhler is located directly opposite the clinic.In addition to an excellent restaurant, the thatched country house also offers 50 lovingly furnished rooms in which your relatives can stay comfortably in the immediate nearness. W-Lan in the entire house as well as the magnificent view into the greenery are even free of charge.

Accommodation for Relatives - Backenköhler since 1866