Our History Rich in Tradition

The foundation of our facility goes back to Hermine de Voss. At the end of the 19th century, the merchant’s daughter had her recreation home and a Sunday school built on the site of today’s specialist clinic for orthopedics. Her sense of social and educational responsibility gave her the name “Angel of Stenum.”
After her death, her estate became a vacation colony for children in need of recreation. Later it became a sun sanatorium, which laid the foundation for holistic medical care in the midst of nature. Today STENUM is a modern orthopedic clinic where patients with health insurance and private insurance are welcome.

STENUM becomes an endoprosthetics center and is successfully certified by EndoCert


STENUM becomes STENUM Ortho GmbH. Dr. med. Karsten Ritter-Lang becomes the medical director and takes over the management of the house.


STENUM celebrates its 85th anniversary. With a two-day symposium and live surgery broadcasting


Ceremony for the inauguration of the new large-capacity surgery wing


The state of Lower Saxony invests 5.6 million euros in constructing one of the most modern surgery rooms in Europe.


Dr. med. Hans-Georg Zechel takes over the clinic management as a head physician.


STENUM becomes a pure specialist clinic for orthopedics


The name “STENUM Clinic” is established.


STENUM becomes sun sanatorium for bone, joint, and gland tuberculosis