What Customers Say About Us

We strive every day to provide you with the best possible medical and nursing care because our high quality of work is our primary goal. Therefore, every patient receives a patient questionnaire for giving us an assessment anonymously. All completed questionnaires are subjected to systematic evaluation to obtain indications of possible measures to improve our quality. Criticism and suggestions are taken up at short notice and implemented as quickly as possible.

“Since 1985, my whole family and I have been coming to STENUM with all orthopedic problems from Hanover – for me, there is no better clinic!”

Angelika Rollert (65)Former Patient

“For years I suffered from chronic pain and was barely able to move. The implantation of two hip prostheses in STENUM has brought the long-awaited turnaround: today, I enjoy my new mobility to the fullest. My quality of life has improved sustainably as a result of the surgeries.”

Hans Drunkenmölle (59)Former Patient

“STENUM has given us a new attitude toward life. After our surgeries, we can absolutely recommend the house in its entirety.”

Gertrud Platte (66) and Wilfried Platte (69)Former Patients