Your Clinic for Orthopedics is Traditional

The STENUM specialist clinic for orthopedics looks back on an eventful history of more than 90 years. A large portrait of Hermine de Voss, the clinic’s founder, already greets you at the entrance. From a place of recreation for needy children to the sun sanatorium for tuberculosis patients to the highly specialized clinic for orthopedics in Stenum, tradition, and modernity complement each other and create the basis for the special atmosphere of the house.

The Best Clinic for Orthopedics

STENUM, the Clinic for Orthopedics is Qualified

The clinic is organized in two departments: spine surgery and joint, hand, foot, and trauma surgery. Each department is headed by an experienced professional who specializes in a particular area. The senior physicians all work together as equals. Their task is to represent the expertise internally and also externally.

The continuing professional training of our medical staff is also very important to us. To this end, we grant each physician a generous contingent of days each year on which they can devote themselves intensively to their professional training.

STENUM Is Popular

A long-standing tradition, state-of-the-art technology, experienced doctors, highly qualified nursing staff, and a great deal of empathy characterize our orthopedics clinic. According to the Bertelsmann Foundation, 90% of all patients would recommend us to others.

Clinic for Orthopedics

Our Orthopedics Clinic Is Stylish

If you come to our orthopedic clinic as an inpatient, we will make your stay at STENUM as pleasant as possible. From transportation to the clinic to culinary specialties to accommodating your relatives – we will gladly take care of it.