A special kind presentation will take place at the STENUM Ortho GmbH – specialist clinic for orthopedics on 05/04/2019 from 10 AM – 5 PM. The specialist clinic in Stenum will be a worthwhile destination for families on the weekend with a varied supporting program.
The ultra-modern surgery room will be open for demonstrative surgery demos. Visitors can experience very close what it looks like in a surgery room. They can also have their blood glucose, and blood pressure checked and get information on current health topics at various information booths. In the lecture room, there will be many interesting presentations on orthopedics throughout the day. There is a picture exhibition by the artist Rita Wolff In the corridors and a sculpture exhibition by Stefan Vogt to admire in the garden. A special highlight shows a diverse selection of vintage VW models (Van & Beetle).
The day will be accompanied by live music with the Duo Mischenmeister and a wide range of food and drinks at family-friendly prices.

The STENUM Ortho team is looking forward to your visit.


10:30 AM: How a Solar Sanatorium Can Become a Modern Hospital.

Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang

11.15 AM: When the Neck no Longer Supports the Head. Causes and Treatment Methods.

Dr. Jan Spiller

12.00 PM: And the Shoulder Is Torturing Every Day! Causes and Treatment Methods of Shoulder Pain.

Dr. Martin Sommer

12.45 PM: STENUM Is Good on Its Feet

Henning Weyh

1.30 PM: What Do Endoprostheses of the Large Joints Accomplish – the Sense and Nonsense of Surgery?

Dr. Jan Spiller

2.15 PM: The Fight with the Spine – Which Treatment? When and Where Are the Limits?

Dr. Ritter-Lang

15.00 Anesthesia Dreams in Stenum – Magic or Handcraft

Kathrin Schloßhauer