What Can You Expect as a Spine Surgery Patient?

The primary goal after spine surgery is to regain independent mobilization. Our physiotherapists will therefore see you on the very first day after the surgery.

Depending on the surgery, you may have a surgical scar either on your back or in your abdomen. These and the wound areas located deeper in the body should not be irritated too much after the surgery. Therefore, you will first learn the proper way to get out of bed to protect your back and wounds. It is always tested first whether you still need a walker or if a handrail is sufficient.


To Counteract Muscle Atrophy

In the following one to two weeks, independent mobilization is also the main focus for spine patients to counteract muscle atrophy and stimulate circulation. A small strengthening program, which the treating therapist will show you, will also serve this purpose. You will also be given tips and advice for the daily routine, as you will still need to observe certain things for a few weeks after your stay in hospital. This includes instructions on how to act when lifting and carrying weights and more detailed information on the intensity of the therapeutic training in the rehabilitation clinic.

How you leave the hospital at the end varies greatly. Some patients still need aids such as crutches or walkers, while others can move freely without aids.

More Physiotherapy for the Spine

Concomitant physiotherapy is very important before and after surgery. You can specifically build up your muscles before the surgery to counteract atrophy, making it easier for you to get around later in the hospital and mobilize better. Unfortunately, muscle atrophy cannot be prevented entirely, which is why physiotherapy after the inpatient stay and close supervision with the help of a therapist over the next few weeks is essential. This will prepare you specifically and functionally for the daily routine and professional life again.

Physiotherapy for the Spine at a Glance

From preventive to rehabilitative, we offer our spine patients a comprehensive range of physical therapy services.

  • Disk surgeries
  • Stiffening
  • Decompression
  • Disk prostheses