“The printer doesn’t print” is a statement that our three IT specialists for system integration often hear. Stephan Stolle, head of our IT department, and his two colleagues Fabian Dohrmann and Okan Cin, lovingly take care of the issues surrounding our IT system. They ensure that the networked systems, including hardware and software, are ready for use and easy to operate. They support all employees with their IT-related questions and ensure a smooth workflow everywhere.

Another important part of their work is maintenance, care, and further development of our IT infrastructure because here, too, standing still is a step backward. Managing the entertainment system is also an important part of their work because only in this way can all our patients watch TV, surf the Internet, read magazines, and make phone calls via their own terminal.

Implementing data protection and data security round off their work and make them so valuable to us.

What the guys love about their work: the direct and uncomplicated support of their colleagues and patients.

For us, they are our three musketeers 😉