STENUMletterAnne Urban

This is Anne, our quality management representative.

Quality management in the healthcare sector has one primary goal: quality measures are directly aimed at patient care. Quality management representatives monitor and optimize processes in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Anne has been working for us at the clinic as a quality management representative since 2016. She makes sure that legal requirements are met and adhered to. In addition, she has the task of analyzing errors in time and, at best, eliminating them. She supports the employees in optimizing work processes and provides them with a structure.

Successfully, she regularly ensures the re-certification of our Endoprosthetics Center in cooperation with the employees. The re-implementation of an integrated quality management system is one of her projects, in which she puts a lot of heart and soul. This system serves to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done in our orthopedic specialty clinic. She also manages our internal audits and gives training in the area of quality in the company.

When asked what she loves about her job, it’s the versatility and communication with people.

What we love about Anne: her friendly, patient, and determined nature.